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How to Avoid Hating Your Job 101 [2019]

Posted by Larissa Sudom on

How to Avoid Hating Your Job 101

So.. You HATE Your Job…   Got a really bad case of the Mondays except for that it’s EVERY day….  You are a disgruntled employee whose awful work life has seeped into your every moment of existence. 

 It is a sad and common state where so many people feel this way about their workplace.  So how did you end up here? Why, WHY?  Perhaps we are not asking the right question. The right question perhaps is -  How do I avoid this scenario in the first place?

How To Avoid Hating Your Job 101 - The Art of Resume

First things, first.  Before you step foot into a job application, you should always do your homework. 

GLASSDOOR.COM or any job rating website the crap out of any company before you even start to write your resume.  This will be one of the best indicators.  And don’t be fooled, if there are a lot of really bad reviews and one good one at the top of the list, the top review is often written by an internal HR.  Is that one good review a bit too good compared to the surmounting bad ones?  Check out the review’s wording.  It is sad but reviews can be deceiving and there will always be internal ones written.  Don’t forget as well.  One angry employee can write a pretty harsh letter so don’t go by just a singular complaint. The majority always rules in this case.  If too many of the same complaints come up it is probably true. 

 Next step:  Check if you have any connections.  Look on LinkedIn for any TRUSTABLE internal employees and ask a few questions.   What type of questions should you ask? Well.  Ask how long they have been working there.  Ask what they think of the place.  Are they looking to jump the company ship?   Ask about the turn around rate.  Ask why they like working there.  Ask what they hate about the place.

Next Step.  You are on your way to an interview.   Pay attention to your surroundings.  Things to look for: 

 How are the workspaces and desks arranged? Any breathing room or is it stacked with as many workers as they can possibly fit into one cramped room.  The new desk-to-desk, open room optimization is actually a horrible place to work with zero privacy to get your work done.  The open-air environments that companies are trying to sell as a more social environment are cheap “sweatshop” environments that are never good spaces to work.  

Look at the lighting next.  Is the office dark?  Very little light, no windows? Or is it beaming with fluorescent lighting?  I understand that in some professions it is a necessary evil but if you can, for your health’s sake, keep looking.  Working in the dark or under bright fluorescent lights will take a toll on your wellbeing and your eyes.  Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Next up and high up on the telling list.  Are people happy? When you are greeted with a smile and everyone you see and meet along the way looks happy and content, this is a good sign. If people look tired, sad, and are slouched over, you might be next.

Interview time.  There are many little signed to watch for here.  My favourite is they ask you about overtime and are you willing.  This is a sign that there will be lots of overtime and time that you may or may not get paid for.  Did this person even read your resume?  Make a reference to it.  If they did not even bother, it is a good sign that they do not really care about the new hire or their company’s welfare.  If there are multiple interviews, are they all consistent?  Inconsistencies mean that management and this company could be unorganized.  An unorganized company is a nightmare to work for.

So do your best and look for these signs.  They are important.  Your career, your health, and your future rely on your workplace being a happy and healthy environment.  It is easy to go ahead and work for a bad company but at the end of the working day it is never worth it, even if it is a “famous, high up there company”.  You will always get the bad straw at the end of the day and you are worth much more than that.  There are always better companies out there so DO NOT waste time with a bad one.  This will put you on the career path that you want so you can be fulfilled and happy at the end of the workday.