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FAQ About Your Resume Templates ---

Can I change the sections or headings?

    Absolutely.  Every part of the template can be changed to suite your needs including deleting and adding sections.

    How can I edit my resume?

    You can edit your resume on Microsoft Word (any version, MAC or PC) and it will be much easier for you if you know the basics.  You can easily download a FREE trial version here: 

    If you live in Canada:

     If you live in US:

    We are currently formatting all resume for Pages.  Pages is a free word processing program in Apple that you can download in your APP options.  If your template does not include .page formatting, just send me a message and I can email you the .pages file options.

    How would I print my resume with a borderless PDF?

    In WORD > Go to Page Setup > Settings -> Page Attributes > Format for - Any Printer > Paper Size >Manage Custom Sizes > Add new size > Name it PDF borderless > 8.5 x 11 ; Non-Printable Area needs to say> User Defined and change margins in boxes to 0. Now you can save as borderless PDF. 

    How do I merge my PDF or DOCX files?

    Merge Your Word or PDF files - via Microsoft Word 365 - We are currently working to merge our resume docx files.  If you would like your resume to be merged and it is currently not, please follow our instructional video below or write us at and we can do it for you!

    How do I change my resume icons?

    How do I create shapes in Microsoft Word?

    How can I change colours?

    All colours can be changed, yes!  You can either: 

    How to change the colors colours in resume docx ms microsoft word file files

    How to change colors MS Word Microsoft Colours 360

    • Right-mouse click and you can format shape with color options in a window.
    • you can select the object and go to your upper bar menu for Format options.

    How do I change the Profile Picture to my own picture?

    How to change your profile picture resume how to add a picture file into a shape MS Word