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How-to Guide: Editing Your Resume

(1) What do I need to edit my resume templates?

  • It is best to download and edit your resume on a computer or laptop.
  •  Microsoft Word (PC & Mac) and Apple Pages (Mac). 

(2) Where can I get FREE versions of Microsoft Word or Apple Pages?

    (3) Download your resume bundle.

    • Your files are all contained in a zipped folder.
    • To open your zipped folder, simply right-click with your mouse and select UNZIP from dropdown menu. You can also double-click on the zipped folder to have it open.
    • NOTE: A computer or laptop is best to edit your resume templates. It is not recommended to edit your resume templates on a tablet or cellphone.  

    (4) Open your files.

    • Open Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.
    • Go to your top menu. Select OPEN FILES. Go to your resume files. OPEN.
    • If your files appear corrupt, redownload your files and update Microsoft Word by going to HELP menu and typing UPDATE in search bar. Make sure to restart your computer before re-opening new files. 

      (5) How do you change the colors?

      Please follow this fast tutorial on changing your resume colors:

      • All colours on your resume templates can be changed, yes! 
      • Double-click on your picture, opening a Format window.
      • Go to Format Shape with colour options in a window.  Use your eye dropper to select a specific colour.
      • Are you trying to change an under-line colour?  It might be a border instead.  Go to your Home menu.  Borders. Border & Shading.

      (6) Can I change the text boxes, headings, or sections?

      Please follow this easy video on editing your text boxes:

      • Absolutely, everything can be changed, re-sized, moved, added or deleted. Having trouble? Write us here: 

      (7)  How do I insert my profile picture?

      • Double-click on resume template picture. A side panel will open. Format Picture.
      • At the top menu go to the bucket icon. Insert Picture From File.
      • Insert your picture.


      (a) Skewed? Select the tile picture option

      (b) Too big? Keeping values the same use Scale X and Scale Y 

      (c) Off-centre? Offset X and Offset Y  

      (8) My resume templates are finished but now everything is misaligned and messy. What can I do?

      Please follow this simple tutorial on how to re-align your resume:

      • Almost everything aligns with your margin.
      • Go to Layout Menu. Align.
      • First choose Margin, or the appropriate, and then the direction.
      • I also offer free re-aligning. Please write to me at:

      (9) How do I change my resume icons?

      Please follow this simple tutorial on how to re-align your resume:

      (10) How should I send my resume templates?

      • For resume templates, PDF is the standard format but you must make sure to check the job advertisement to see if another file type is needed. You can save your resume template as a PDF by going to FILE > SAVE AS > Select PDF from dropdown menu.

      (11) How do remove the white border for printing? 

      • It is will look best if you remove the white border edge for printing & emailing. Follow these instructions in Microsoft Word for a borderless finish:
      • Go to Page Setup. Settings.
      • Under Page Attributes.  Format for Any Printer. Paper Size. Manage Custom Sizes.
      • Add new size. Name it: PDF borderless - 8.5 x 11 ; Non-Printable Area needs to say - User Defined. Change margins in boxes to 0.
      • Now you can save as borderless resume template PDF.
      • Please note that some printers will not allow for a full color bleed (color to the edge of the paper). If your printer does not, please go to your local printing store like Staples, Fedex, or Walmart.