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FAQ: About My Resume Templates

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Resume Templates

 1) What do I need to edit my resume templates?

  • (a) A computer or laptop to download and edit your resume templates. Please Note: It is very difficult and/or impossible to edit your resume templates on a tablet or cellphone.  
  • All of our resume templates are editable on Microsoft Word (PC & Mac) and Pages (Mac).  

Your FREE version of Microsoft Word is available here:

  • If you live in Canada:
  • If you live in US:

Pages is free for through your App store on any Mac. 

2) How should I send my resume templates?

  • For resume templates, PDF is the standard format (if it is not mentioned in the job listing). You can save your resume templates in this format.
  • It is will look best if you remove the white border edge for printing & emailing. Follow these instructions in Microsoft Word for a borderless finish:
  • Go to Page Setup. Settings.
  • Under Page Attributes.  Format for Any Printer. Paper Size. Manage Custom Sizes.
  • Add new size. Name it: PDF borderless - 8.5 x 11 ; Non-Printable Area needs to say - User Defined. Change margins in boxes to 0.
  • Now you can save as borderless resume template PDF.

3) Can I change my colours? How do you change the colors?

  • All colours on your resume templates can be changed, yes! 
  • Double-click on your picture, opening a Format window.
  • Go to Format Shape with colour options in a window.  Use your eye dropper to select a specific colour.
  • Are you trying to change an under-line colour?  It might be a border instead.  Go to your Home menu.  Borders. Border & Shading.

4) Can I change the resume templates sections or headings?

            Absolutely. Everything can be changed, re-sized, moved around, added, removed, etc. Finding it impossible? Give me a shout at: 

5)  How do I change my profile picture on my resume template?

  • Double-click on resume template picture. A side panel will open. Format Picture.
  • At the top menu go to the bucket icon. Insert Picture From File.
  • Insert your picture.


(a) Skewed? Select the tile picture option

(b) Too big? Keeping values the same use Scale X and Scale Y 

(c) Off-centre? Offset X and Offset Y  

6) My resume templates are finished but now everything is misaligned, etc. What can I do?

  • Almost everything aligns with your margin.
  • Go to Layout Menu. Align.
  • First choose Margin, or the appropriate, and then the direction.
  • I also offer free re-aligning. Please write to me at: