Top 10 Pro Resume Tips - You Need to Know (Revamp for 2022)

Top 10 Pro Resume Tips [Revamped for 2022]

Yup, it's that time again. Your bland resume needs to be updated, you are switching companies, and you are on the hunt for new career possibilities.

Things have changed in the job search world; it's time to look at new ways to get your resume noticed.

Here are some up-to-date tips to make your resume impress a recruiter in 2022.  

1) Simple and Short

  • Keep your resume to one page - with a maximum 10-year work history - unless you have a significant work history like a CEO or physician
  • Companies often have a pile of resumes to sort through so stay away from overstuffed long paragraphs
  • Bullets are appealing - aesthetically speaking - a well as easy to read. and direct simple sentences have a more profound effect. Make sure you keep one sentence per bullet (unlike this bullet!)
  • A shorter resume will spark intrigue and give a company a reason to call you - not to mention will give you more to say during the interview
  • Resume writing is tough, so making it as straightforward as possible will lessen your chances of a mistake
  • Gobbledegook or overly complex wording on a resume can person looked unorganized and pretentious
  • Keep your technical wording specific to the job in which you are applying otherwise, keep your wording for a general reader


Simple Resume Template Designs

    2) Say NO to Fancy Adjectives and Adverbs

    • So, you are a “really amazing” at leadership skills? Stay away from this sort of description. Companies can see this as an exaggeration
    • Instead of using a modifier, use examples instead: “Promoted to management for sale increase of 10%”
    • Companies are looking for facts and figures


    Modern Resume Templates

    3) Read the FULL Job Description

    • Your typical applicant has not read the full job description - creating a resume mismatched to the job advertisement
    • Do not be a typical applicant by combing meticulously through the full job description
    • Write down all the keywords you can match with your resume
    • Correlate your resume with their job description as much as possible
    • The more that matches, the better your chances of getting an interview
    • Do not copy word for word - use a thesaurus


    4) Know the Company

    • Go online and learn as much as you can about the company for which you are applying
    • Companies want to know if you will fit in with their staff and work culture - your resume should refection as such
    • Things about the company you might want to learn:
      • Understanding what companies specialization
      • Future projects of the company
      • Culture and policies
      • Ideologies

      5) Polish your social media

      • They will google your name, looking at your professional and private profile
      • Make sure that you go through everything with a fine-toothed comb - leave no mistakes
      • Make sure your LinkedIn account is synchronized with your resume
      • This is a no-brainer - get rid of any bad publicity. Your image represents the company so downing a bottle of bourbon at a party can cast a bad image for the company
      • This includes all social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and more


      6) Network, baby!

      • A friend of a friend of a friend worked who worked at the company two years ago? Reach out to that person
      • Their work history will help you know more about the company and just might be able to connect you with the right people
      • LinkedIn is a perfect resource for making work connections. Use it to find out your connections
      • Jobs are usually prioritized within the company. An internal reference will give you an advantage over other applicants
      • Show you know people in the company makes you less of a risk and more likely that you will fit into their work culture
      • Always make sure to follow up with all of your connections and keep active and social on LinkedIn


      Teacher Resume Format Design

      7) Resume Goals: Unique and Professional

      • A generic resume design does not score points - stay away from basic templates found in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages
      • Your resume design is a representation of you - put your best face forward
      • Keep your resume design related to your profession - a highly visual resume would be suitable for a designer but not for an office assistant position
      • Get smart with your resume design by checking out The Art of Resume - resume & cv templates
      • These resumes are fully customizable - tweak it to suit your professional look
      • Get yourself a free trial of Microsoft Word (PC or Mac) or free full version of Apple Pages (Mac) for editing your resume - no investment necessary
      • Take a couple of hours to learn the word processing program basics - DuckDuckGo or Google if you get stuck


      8) A tidy and clean format.

      • The design of your resume should frame your information
      • Keep a balance of white space surrounding your name
      • Unless you are in a design-related field of work, busy patterns and no overbearing logos will detract from your information.
      • In a design-related field of work? Graphics are great but your information is still the focal point.


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      9) Check your Work

      • Surprisingly overlooked and cannot be stressed enough - your resume must have zero spelling and grammar errors
      • Get others in your field, friends, and family to review your resume - the more eyes, the better
      • Try Grammarly - an online source for analyzing your resume grammar 
      • You will not find a mistake right after you have written your resume - take a break in between your spell and grammar checks
      • Check your resume format details - get out a ruler and make sure everything is aligned
      • After you have checked everything - check everything again


      Creative Resume CV Template Design

      10) Trim Overused Resume Lingo

      • A resume skill section is important but is also, quite often, a place of overused words and sayings
      • Hard worker, seasoned, detail-orientated, good communication skills, strong leadership skills are some of the worst resume offenders
      • Give skills specifically related you the job position - something more "tangible" for the reader
      • An example of this - instead of strong leadership skills - lead team of 5 members in bi-weekly meetings

      Stop struggling with an outdated resume and time to get smart. Your resume must show that you are the right candidate for the job position and a first impression can make all the difference. So use these handy resume tips - landing your dream job today for a fatter wallet tomorrow.

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