How to Proofread Your Resume and Cover Letter with Grammarly

How to Proofread Your Resume Using Grammarly (Updated for 2024)

Every job seeker must have a perfect resume to get hired. How do you make your resume perfect? It’s easy. is a free online tool that beats out all competition. Before you even use Google Docs or Microsoft Word spell check, run your resume through Grammarly.

Your resume must have perfect spelling and grammar

Grammarly is a free spelling and grammar checker that can be easily added your web browser for fast access.

But it is not just for your resume. Be sure to use it in all your emails, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, follow-up letters, and more. As a Resume CV professional, this is one of the most important applications to use while applying for work.

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Grammarly is the best program for editing your resume

But why LinkedIn? Because a prospective employer or recruiter will always check your LinkedIn profile. They will also check any of your social media. If you do not have it set on private, it is always a good idea to do a fast grammar and spell check. Remember, recruiters will often search the internet for dirt on you. Make sure they do not find any of it – make sure any of your online presence is free of mistakes. Remember, your career will dictate your bank account – it’s THAT important.

 Upload your resume, LinkedIn, emails, portfolio, cover letter, and more into Grammarly

Most spell checks that are a part of your word processing programs are not as sophisticated. Microsoft Word and Apple Pages does not even compare. Grammarly is far ahead of the competition and must be the first one you use. Of course, it is always a good idea to run the others as a backup.

 Using Grammarly as well as human eyes will better your chances for a perfect job application and resume

When writing a resume, one mistake will most likely have your resume thrown out of contention. Grammarly will also improve your writing. There may not be a mistake but there may be a much better way to word your information. Why would this be important? Because your resume is going to be read by a recruiter, it must be easy for the average reader to go through. Do not forget, they often have a whole pile of applications. The faster and easier your resume is to read, the better.

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Grammarly will also keep your resume concise. Brevity is key. And the same reason as before, it must be an easy read for the prospective employer or recruiter to read.

 A recruiter and employer will be looking for a perfect application and resume, make no mistake!

You can even go for the more advanced version of Grammarly that will seek out passive voice corrections, wrong colloquial wording, poor word choices, or incomplete or overly long sentences. 

Every email you send for your job application should be put through Grammarly – it is not just your resume and cover letter. Every detail must be covered. One error will equal one bad impression. A job application typo is a no-no.

 A perfect resume will be more likely to get you a job interview - spelling mistakes are more common that you think on a resume

How do you get Grammarly? It’s easy. Just go to the website > Installing is easy and make sure to add it to your browser for an even easier check. It is a great way to get your resume application done right the first time. And get you through the interview door! Your next step? Getting hired to your dream job. Go ahead, you deserve it! 

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