Outstanding Teacher Resume Templates that an Score A+

Creative Teacher Resume Templates that an Score A+

by: Alyssa Daniells

Job-winning teacher resume templates make you the apple of a principal’s eye.

Elementary Teacher Resume Development

Elementary Teacher Resumes with Class

“More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given.”

~ Bertrand Russell, British philosopher and polymath

Teacher's Resume Template

Teaching is one of the most honourable professions, in our humble (and educated-- thanks, teachers!) opinion.

As you likely know all too well, career descriptions everywhere are changing. Teaching is arguably among the most in flux. Whether these changes are temporary or permanent, updated teacher CVs for the new normal are essential if we wish to compete and succeed.

Your professional educator resume should articulate the essence and intangibles of teaching, going beyond the curriculum, to demonstrate your spirit and love of teaching.

Get ready to find the perfect teacher resume. We’re talking about a CV with class, launching you to the head of the class 

Resume Template Design Bundle for Teacher

Teacher Resume Samples

The Art of Resume has fresh, sophisticated teacher templates to reflect your core competencies as well as the changing times.

We’ve devoted an entire section of resumes designed for teachers. Our beautiful elementary teacher resumes are proven job-winning teacher CV templates. 

Our creative resumes tailored to educators are perfect for ESL teachers, supply teachers, elementary school teachers, post-secondary instructors and more.

Online Teaching Resume Template Design

Easy online teaching resumes

Whether you require an updated teacher resume template as you shift to online classes or you’re just starting your career, we make sure your resume makes an impression to get you the interview.

You’ll be teaching how to read and write, but first you need to show off your specialized skills. The Art of Resume’s sleek, sophisticated designs signal you’re a creative and tech-savvy candidate straight away.


The Art of Resume Templates for Teachers

Teacher CV Templates - A Wise Choice!

Another benefit of our beautiful teacher CV templates, besides being immediate to download and easy to format, is the stellar price. We make sure our educator templates are super affordable so you can choose a few. 

Looking for a job as an elementary art teacher? Our cute apple for the art teacher resume is an eye-catching option. Branching out to a secondary school teacher position? Our high school teacher resume templates perfectly convey your hardworking talent.

Creating a Resume Template for Teaching

If you are an ESL, French or elementary teacher, you’re used to teaching grammar, yet  it can be challenging to find the perfect verbs to showcase your abilities. The Art of Resume will help you.

Every teaching resume template package comes with these value-added bonuses at no extra cost:

  • Powerful Resume Verb Guide
  • Bonus 250+ Resume Icons
  • Teacher Cover Letter Template
  • Professional References Template
  • Microsoft Word Files (.docx - Mac & PC)
  • Apple Pages Files (.pages - Mac)
  • Resume Writing Guide
  • Resume Instructional Manual

You’re an expert on providing guidance to your students, but should you need some help creating a teaching resume, we provide you with a detailed resume writing guide and instruction manual. And should you need further help with your resume, contact us personally. 

Good luck and thank you, Teacher,  for all that you do!

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How to make a resume template for a teacher

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