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How to Make a Modern Resume Template 2019

How to Make a Professional Modern Resume Template - CV & Resume Template Examples for 2019 

Stuck in a career rut?  So – you need to get yourself out...  A great first step is to fix up your old and outdated resume template.

This guide will take you through some important steps in making your old resume template a new modern resume template – because to get ahead in this modern world, you need to be modern, you need to look modern, and you need a modern resume template.

Updating your resume template to a modern resume template look is what will catch an employer’s eye and land your resume template at the top of the resume pile. So let’s take a look at what you need in order to have a modern resume template-

Your first step would be to look at what job you are applying for. In need of a nurse resume template, doctor resume template, nurse resume template, teacher resume template, student resume template? You must keep your resume modern looking and always related to your job application.

For instance, an infographic style resume template might not be a good choice for a nurse resume template but might be a great choice for a graphic designer resume. If you are applying with a nurse or doctor resume template, it must be a very professional resume template format. With creative careers like artists or designers, your modern resume template can be more creative and colourful.

 Here are some modern resume template examples:

 Modern Resume Template Example for a Modern Nurse, Medical Professional, or Doctor:

resume cv for nurse rn registered doctor medical assistant resumes cv cvs nursing template templates


**Resume template examples are available here:


Some points to consider for your modern resume template colors:

The colors on these modern resume templates are simple.  For a modern resume template, your resume should be simple. A black and white resume is a no brainer and can “POP” just as well as colourful resume templates.

Color is a nice way to represent yourself in a modern resume template though. Bright colors are not so modern and can make your resume template look tacky and garish. Try to stick to different shades or tints of colors for your modern resume template instead. Also, try to stick with one or two resume template colors with each colour a different shade or hue of each other. A shade of colour means that black is added to the colour while white is added to a tint. Need to brain store on what colors you would like on your modern resume template? Pinterest is a great source for looking at different colour palettes for your modern resume template – as well as a simple google search a well will get you on your way to a great modern resume colour. Here are some great modern resume template colour examples:


resume template templates cv resumes modern professional executive cvs
**Resume template examples are available here:


Next, we will look at how to format your modern resume template. 

One of the most important things in designing your modern resume template is your spacing. There is an idea out there that you should only have a one-page resume but this is not necessarily true.

So when do we break this rule in making a modern resume template?

We break the one-page rule when you have relevant information that is pertinent to your application. If you have been in the industry for a long time and have a long history of work that is directly related to your application, this information should be placed in your resume. If your resume extends to a second or even third page with important information that will directly relate, then yes! Put it in. If you won second in grade five at a science fair or worked as a student intern 10 years ago, this information is irrelevant and will make your modern resume template look sloppy.

Always keep in mind that less is more when it comes to the information on your resume. If you keep your resume template simple, the prospective employers will be intrigued to learn more and will call you in for an interview. The point is, if you have a lot of information for your modern resume template that is relevant, keep everything spaced properly and all a second page to your resume template rather than squishing it all together.  The worst thing you can do is squish everything in.  Spaces will frame your information and make your modern resume template look more modern and pleasing to read as well as a more professional looking modern resume template.


Here are some examples of great resume spacing:


black and white resume template modern resumes professional cv template cvs templates
**Resume template examples are available here:



Next up is your modern resume template font.  How do you choose a font for your awesome new modern resume template? This can be a tricky part for some. Keeping your resume modern is very important, yes. But what is more important is that your modern resume template it is legible.  It is always best to stick with standard fonts.  Some examples for san serif are Helvetica, Helvetica Nuevo, Calibri, and  Century Gothic. An example of serifs that would look great on your modern resume template is Century, Baskerville, Cambria, or Garamond. 

A great idea is to mix a san serif with a serif as they can often complement one another in a resume.  For example, in your resume template use the san serif as the title and headers and the serif as the body of information.

Another tip for your modern resume template is to make sure that you use only one space after the period. Double-spacing after a period no longer exists with fonts and was used only with typewriter font for reading your resume template clearly. 

Now you need to think about how many pages your modern resume template should have.

This is simple.

Your modern resume template should, first of all, never look squished or have font lower than 11 points. Less is definitely more when you want your modern resume template to make an impactful impression. Paired with this information, your modern resume template should only contain the most important information. Only keep jobs that are directly related you the job you are applying to. If you are a senior manager or professional, etc., that has been in the business a long time and has a lengthy professional background – 5 years is a good example, that is when your modern resume template should extend further. If you are less than 5 years’ experience, one page would most likely be enough. Sometimes it is difficult but always keep your resume as short and as neat as possible for an entry-level job. Here is an example of a multi-page modern resume template: 


**Resume template examples are available here:


Small details are a great way to make your resume templates modern looking. Adding resume template icons or a small graphic detail makes your modern resume template look far more professional and will really work to catch someone’s eye if done properly. Here is a nice detail close-up of a modern resume template with icons.


**Resume template examples are available here:


Next up!  The creative modern resume. 

If you have a creative profession, the skies the limit when it comes to what you can do with your modern resume template. Always keep our modern resume template related to the job application, of course. Graphic artist modern resume templates should always show off your talent and fashion designers modern resume templates should never be boring. Applying for retail in fashion?  Try to find a resume template with the same style as the store. Applying at a florist? Use a resume template with a floral accent.


Here are some great ideas to get you started:


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**Resume template examples are available here: