How-to Guide: Editing Your Resume

1. How do I download my new resume bundle?

Instantly! After your payment has gone through, a download option will appear on screen as well as through an email.

    2. What do I need for editing my resume?

    • You will need a computer or laptop.
    • Microsoft Word (PC & Mac) and Apple Pages (Mac).
    Apple Pages is a FREE for Mac users and is available in your Apple Store.
    Free Microsoft Word demo downloaded here:

            3. Opening your files.

            • Your files are contained in a zipped folder.
            • To open zipped folder, simply double-click on folder or right-click and select unzip option from menu.

              4. Starting in Microsoft Word & Apple Pages.

              • Open Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.
              • In main menu, select OPEN FILES. Go to your resume files. OPEN.
              • If your files do not open, update Microsoft Word by going to HELP menu and typing UPDATE in search bar. Restart Word. For Apple Pages, go to your Apple store and download the latest version for free.

                  5. How do you change the colors?

                  Please watch this fast tutorial on changing your resume colors.

                  6. How do I change text boxes, headings, sections?

                  Please watch this fast tutorial on making adjustments to your resume:

                  7.  How do I insert my profile picture?

                  Please watch this fast tutorial on how to insert your profile picture:

                  8. My resume is finished but now everything is messy.

                  I offer free re-aligning and assistance with your resume template. Just email me and I will get back to you ASAP.

                  You can also watch this short video on fixing your resume:

                    9. How do I change my resume icons?

                    Please watch this fast tutorial on changing your resume icons:

                    10. In what format should I send my resume to a prospective employer?

                    • Check the job advertisement to see file format required.
                    • If no format is mentioned, PDF is the standard format.