The Art of Resume | How to Add Employment History to Your Resume (Examples)

How to Add Employment History to Your Resume (Examples)

Professional Work History. Resume. It's Easy.

The Art of Resume | How to Add Your Professional Work History

What Employers Want to See When Formatting Your Employment History

Format your resume employment history section quickly and get noticed by showing recruiters that you can be successful at the position. Make it easy for employer to read. Make it professional. Make it standout. But how?

Seems tough, but it's not - let us guide you through a quick formatting lesson on how to add your employment history to your curriculum vitae.

Let's begin with resume formatting basics.

Making a resume for your career is important

What You Need & How to Add Previous Employment to Your CV

  1. Job Title/Position - Make sure to include your job title prominently at the top of each work experience entry. This helps the HR manager quickly identify your relevant experience for the position.
  2. Company Name / Location / Description - Mention the name of the employer and the location of the office where you worked or are currently working. If the company is not well-known, provide a brief description to give context to the reader.
  3. Dates Employed - Specify the timeframe of your employment using the standard format of mm/yyyy. It's acceptable to provide approximate dates if you're unsure of the exact duration.
  4. Achievements and Responsibilities - This section forms the core of each work experience entry. Highlight your achievements first, your  responsibilities and tasks second. Keep your writing simple, brief, and listed with bullets. We will delve deeper into the strategies for presenting this information later on.

    Example of Employment Section on a Resume

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    The Art of Resume | How to Add Resume Achievements, Work Experience

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    In order to enhance your application, it is important to present your work experience in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your most recent employment and gradually moving backwards through time.

    How to make your resume curriculum vitae cv in reverse chronological order

    Your Resume Employment History Accomplishment Statements

    Having discussed the proper listing resume format of your employment, let's dive into effective techniques for showcasing your expertise, enabling you to distinguish yourself among other applicants.

    One of the most common mistakes people make on their resumes is to simply listing their responsibilities in their resume employment section.

    look for examples and samples of resumes

    Here's the thing: in most cases, the hiring manager already knows what your responsibilities were. Let's say you were a sales manager, for instance. Your responsibilities might include:

    • Sourcing and contacting potential clients via phone and email.
    • Cultivating relationships with existing clients and upselling relevant products.
    • Tracking and reporting leads though specific system software.

    Interestingly enough, these responsibilities are pretty standard for any sales manager role. In fact, around 90% of other resumes probably mention the same things which is why you need more.

    To truly make an impact, it's important to focus on highlighting your achievements. In other words, emphasize how you specifically contributed to the company's growth, exceeded quarterly quotas, and so forth.

    The Art of Resume: How to Format Your Resume Professional Work History

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    But it's easy to make a resume that prospective employers love following a few simple steps. Learn how to wow recruiters and hiring staff with your work history by highlighting your accomplishments.

    Why accomplishments?

    Your accomplishments are the most important part of your work experience and even your resume. Make sure to add your responsibilities as well. Your work experiences and accomplishments are often 75% of your resume so make sure it is outlined properly.

    The Art of Resume | How to Create a Successful Resume

    What Accomplishments Should Your Resume Include?

    Let's start with, what is an accomplishment:

    An accomplishment is anything positive that you have achieved or something that you are proud of in the workplace. It can be something that you have designed, developed, constructed, sold, or started. It is something that can make you stand out from others in the same position.

    How to Showcase Your Accomplishments: Recruiter Tips

    Work tasks will always stay the same for whoever fills the job but an accomplishment is based on your own achievements. Keep your employment summaries brief and to the point while highlighting and focusing on your achievements. Your achievements will prove to the company that not only are you capable, but you will excel at the position and bring new accomplishments to the company.

    Professional Resume Writing and Employment History

    Resume Accomplishment Hot-Tip: Quantifying Your Achievements (With Examples)

    To show a more effective resume, you must provide the reader with proof that you are capable, but also that you will be successful at the job position. Listing your achievements is great start. Providing the value of your achievements by adding numerical value will not only make it memorable, but will impress. It will provide proof that they are looking for.

    Offering precise numbers to your employment accomplishments will give a clear picture of why you are the best choice for the position.

    How to add your employment history to your resume | The Art of Resume

    The Value of a Number

    Quantifying your resume is one of the easiest and most effective ways to showcase your abilities. Reasons to add numerical value to your resume:

    • Adding specific value shows precisely your value as an employer. "Increased client acquisition" vs " managed 56% client growth through self-developed techniques" provides a clear picture of how effective you are at work.
    • Numbers mean something. Precise date is more believable and lacks embellishment.
    • Results-oriented. Instead of abstract guessing, presenting your bottom-line results reflects your performance in the workplace, as well as your priorities.
    • Numbers are memorable. When comparing applications, providing specific numbers will outbid a resume without any value. Your chances improve greatly if you can "outnumber" your competition.

    How to get hired by recruiters and employers with a great resume

    How to Add Your Resume Employment Accomplishments: The STAR Method

    The STAR method is a direct and simple method of how to create an accomplishment statement with value. A statement that will provide the employer with all they need to know. The method will bring you to the next step in the hiring process.

    The accomplishment statement basics: I accomplished "X" related to "Y" by doing "Z"


    Situation: A problem, challenge, or obstacle that you faced in the workplace.


    Task: What did you need to do to remedy the situation and what were your challenges.


    Action: What did you do? Talk specifically about your involvement.


    Results: What was the outcome or change that had a positive impact and show with numerical value when possible.


    Skills: Describe your abilities and skills involved in having this accomplishment.

    The Art of Resume Writing | Your Accomplishments and Work History

    Resume Accomplishment Examples:

    • Increase profits // sales
    • Decrease in costs
    • Save time (and money)
    • Take initiative in finding a solution
    • Improve, create, or develop a program, product, service
    • Successfully handle an emergency or crisis using critical thinking
    • Increase individual or team(s) performance
    • Improve clientele relations
    • Receiving an award or commendation
    • Improvement of profit, quality, reliability
    • Set record or given performance award

    I accomplished “X”, related to “Y” by doing “Z".

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    Accomplishment Rules:

    Your accomplishment statements will be the most important parts of your resume while providing useful referencing during an interview. Make sure to follow these simple rules when adding them to your CV.

    • Always keep your strongest accomplishments towards the top of your resume.
    • Your accomplishments must relate to the job position or company objectives, they must show recruiters and future employers that you are the right person for the job.
    • Keep your writing direct, concise, and clear by removing anything unrelated or already assumed.
    • Keep your language as simple as possible using technical language that directly relates to the position you are applying for.
    • Your language, though simple, must be powerful by using strong action words.
    • Be consistent by adding or not adding periods to every bullet point.
    • Do not use exclamation points.
    • Keep the same tense under each employment section (past tense unless you are currently working).

    That's it! You've got this!

    Highlighting your professional and educational accomplishments is crucial in conveying your skills and worth to potential employers.

    These achievements offer a tangible demonstration of your capabilities and dedication. Integrating key milestones seamlessly into your resume can significantly enhance its impact.

    The Art of Resume Writing | Resume Accomplishment Statements

    Alternatively, consider dedicating a distinct section to showcase additional achievements, allowing prospective employers to quickly grasp the breadth of your expertise. By strategically presenting your accomplishments, you not only demonstrate your competence but also provide insights into your commitment to achieving goals, both personally and professionally.

    This comprehensive guide ensures that your resume effectively communicates the value you bring to the table, making you a standout candidate in the competitive job market.

    Best wishes to your application! Your employment accomplishes will soar you to the next job interview with golden wings.

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