10 Buzzwords to Make your Resume Worthy - The Art of Resume

10 Buzzwords to Make Your Resume Worthy [2020 Checklist]

10 Buzzwords to Make Your Resume Worthy - The Art of Resume Writing
So… you want your resume to glow? A resume is not an easy thing to write. There is a lot of competition and it’s best to stay away from overused and exacerbated resume lingo. Forget being "passionate" or being "forward driven". It's time to update your buzzwords - keeping your resume at the top of the resume pile. Here is a list of some killer buzzwords for 2020:


Effectiveness. Companies love to hear about the impact you have made. Give simple examples of the effect you have made on a company. For example: “By implementing and designing a new system of customer service, sales have increased 12% within the past 6 months. Be sure to include any extra money you have made the company.


Collaborating. Stay away from over-used words like “communication skills”. Instead, talk about how you've collaborated and networked. Make sure to give details about the positive outcomes of your networking.


Driven to action. Talk about what motivates you in the workplace and why. What would you like to accomplish in your career and how are you going to do that? Have you learned new skills, new programs, new training options? 


Coordinated. Do you take charge in the workplace? What situations have you organized and how did you take on significant accountability. Talk about your leadership qualities and how you coordinated your responsibilities.


Flexibility. Employers like to hear that you can adapt and change to new situations and environments. Describe situations that needed you to change directions and how you were able to accomplish that.  


Results. Highlight your results in a proven track record. Take note of what were you able to accomplish for your previous or current employer. Make sure to state the positive results that you had on your company or employer.


Identify and troubleshoot critical issues. How have you proven to be a cunning employee? Give examples of problems in the workplace and how you were able to solve them.


Innovative. Show what can you bring to the table that is new and what did you bring to your last place of work. Employers want to see positive and new changes. Explain a new standard you set in the workplace.


Challenge. You must show that you are up for the challenge. What issues and hoops did you have to jump though previously? What did you have to do to get out of the situation? Explain how you fixed an issue that arose in the workplace and what the final results were.


Expertise. Why are you qualified? Talk about what makes you a good candidate and always tailor your qualifications specifically to fit the job description. If you do not have any work experience qualifications, talk about why you are passionate for this position, your goals, your cutting-edge ideas and how you adapt quickly. Remember, employers, want someone who is pro-active, involved and eager to be a part of the company. It is not necessarily about having the experience.

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