Write Your Resume with ChatGPT Prompt Examples and Tips (It's Easy)

ChatGPT: Write the Perfect Resume (Example Prompts & Tips)

Write Your Resume and Cover Letter with ChatGPT (It's Worth It!)

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Resume writing stress? Relax. Resume writing has evolved. While it may seem scary, AI is one of the best aids out there. 

It's called ChatGTP and it's the next best resource to help you write an interesting resume.

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What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

It's a chatterbox. It generates dialogue using artificial intelligence (AI). This high-capacity system uses complex language to process human-inspired conversational dialogue. Chat GPT responds to questions, composes written content, articles, social media posts, writes complex code, emails, stories, and can even write your resume. Well, maybe not perfectly but we will dive into that later.

How does does it work? This new technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and process massive amounts of online data.

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Why Use ChatGPT?

Here are your Chat GPT resume writing benefits in a nutshell:

1) The time you can save is ENORMOUS:

Writing a resume and cover letter from scratch can be time-consuming, especially when tailoring them to multiple job applications. ChatGPT streamlines the process by providing personalized suggestions and generating content quickly, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your job search. It will organize and structure your resume in seconds. It must be noted that this will give you the "bones" of your resume but in no way is it the final product.

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2) Creativity is key:

Besides saving tons of time, the second main reason to use Chat GPT is for ideas. Its creative output has no limits. A dull and average resume can be quickly transformed with a fast prompt. A creative resume is what will differentiate you from other job applications. A skillfully written resume can convince a prospective employer to interview and hire you. 

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3) Customization and Tailoring Your Content:

As a rule of resumes, every application must be customized to align with the job application and company objective. ChatGPT can generate personalized content for resumes and cover letters based on specific job descriptions, ensuring each document is customized to the position. Customizing your resume and cover letter is time-consuming. With ChatGPT, you can easily curate your resume and cover letter, increasing your chances of success. By incorporating specific keywords and phrases from the job listing into your prompt, you demonstrate your alignment with the employer's needs and priorities. This means more time, more applications, and more chance of success.

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4) Improved the quality of your resume:

ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities are built for resumes. It can make your resume perfect. This new technology can ensure that your resume and cover letter are well-written and free of grammatical errors (almost). Its ability to suggest action verbs, buzzwords, and compelling phrasing elevates the quality of your resume and cover letter. It can make your resume more engaging to potential employers. It can also hinder your writing if you are not careful but we will cover these disadvantages later.

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5) Keyword Optimization: 

ChatGPT can optimize resumes and cover letters with relevant keywords and phrases to enhance their visibility to applicant tracking systems (ATS) and hiring managers.

6) Professional Formatting:

ChatGPT can provide guidance on professional formatting standards, ensuring the resume and cover letter have a polished appearance.

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7) Clear and Concise Writing:

It can help in crafting clear and concise descriptions of skills, experiences, and achievements, making the resume and cover letter easy to read and understand.

8) Highlighting Achievements:

ChatGPT can assist in identifying and highlighting key achievements and accomplishments that demonstrate the candidate's qualifications and value proposition.

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9) Grammar and Spelling Checks:

It can perform grammar and spelling checks to ensure the documents are free from errors and typos, maintaining a professional presentation.

10) Industry-Specific Language:

ChatGPT can generate industry-specific language and terminology to align with the candidate's field or target industry, enhancing relevance and credibility.

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11) Addressing Employment Gaps:

It can suggest strategies for addressing employment gaps or career transitions effectively within the resume and cover letter.

Need some help? We have more TOP 10 Professional Writing Tips found here!

12) Customizable Templates:

ChatGPT can offer customizable templates for resumes and cover letters, providing a starting point for candidates to build their documents upon.

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13) Revision and Feedback:

It can provide feedback and suggestions for revisions based on the user's input, helping to refine and improve the quality of the documents iteratively.

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14) Competitive Advantage:

In a competitive job market, having a polished resume and cover letter can give you a competitive advantage over other applicants. By leveraging ChatGPT to create professional and tailored documents, you position yourself as a strong candidate worthy of consideration.

The Pitfalls of Using ChatGPT

While ChatGPT can be a game changer, it is not perfect. It cannot replicate the final product - not even close. To not reflect the downfalls of ChatGPT, you need to be aware that the technology is not perfect. ChatGPT has limitations and they can impact your resume in a negative light if not understood.

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Here are some of the main problems that may occur with using ChatGPT as a resume-writing tool:

1) Limited personalization:

ChatGPT, while proficient in generating text, cannot understand individual experiences, achievements, and career goals on a personal level, which can result in generic and impersonal resume content. Your resume can come off as generic and uninteresting.

2) Lack of industry-specific knowledge:

Without access to up-to-date industry insights or specialized knowledge, ChatGPT may struggle to tailor resumes effectively for specific careers, potentially leading to a loss of needed requirements.

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3) Inability to gauge employer expectations:

ChatGPT can't understand nuanced employer preferences, making it challenging to align your resumes with the specific needs and expectations of hiring managers.

ChatGPT AI for Resume Writing

4) Risk of grammatical errors:

Although ChatGPT is adept at generating coherent text, it can still produce grammatical errors or awkward phrasing, potentially undermining the professionalism of a resume. You must use other sources for editing, like Grammarly.com

5) Over-reliance on templates:

Users may rely too heavily on ChatGPT-generated templates, resulting in cookie-cutter resumes that fail to stand out or highlight unique qualifications and experiences.

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6) Limited creativity:

While capable of producing text, ChatGPT lacks human creativity and intuition, potentially leading to uninspired or formulaic resumes that fail to capture attention.

Resume Tip#1: Use our handy ChatGPT resume writing advice and apply it to your LinkedIn account. Make sure your resume matches with your account.

7) Difficulty in conveying soft skills:

ChatGPT may struggle to effectively communicate intangible qualities like interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, or emotional intelligence, which are crucial for many positions but can't be adequately captured by AI.

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8) Insufficient context awareness:

Without a deep understanding of context, ChatGPT may include irrelevant or outdated information in resumes, detracting from their relevance and effectiveness.

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9) Inability to address gaps or inconsistencies:

ChatGPT can miss instances on your resume that need to be addressed. It can skip over employment gaps, career changes, or other issues. Not addressing these items could prove to be a red flag to the reader.

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10) Risk of plagiarism:

Users may inadvertently rely on ChatGPT to generate content without proper citation or attribution, potentially leading to accusations of plagiarism or ethical concerns regarding the originality of the resume.

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As you can see, ChatGPT is a great resource but if used improperly, can also be detrimental to your application. You still need to write, develop, format, and spell/grammar check your resume thoroughly. It is essential to understand that this AI system is a wondrous resource for your resume's creativity and layout but it is missing the quintessential essence your resume requires -> YOU. 

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Using ChatGPT for Resume Writing:

How do you start using ChatGPT? Let's begin with what you need.

1) Understanding the Basics:

Before diving into the resume writing process, it's essential to understand the basic components of a resume. These include your contact information, professional summary or objective, work experience, education, skills, and any additional sections relevant to your field, such as certifications or publications.

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2) Tailoring Your Resume:

One of the most significant advantages of using ChatGPT is its ability to tailor your resume to specific job descriptions. By inputting keywords and phrases from the job listing, ChatGPT can help you customize your resume to match the requirements of the position you're applying for. This personalized approach increases your chances of making it past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and catching the eye of recruiters.

3) Crafting Compelling Descriptions:

ChatGPT can assist you in writing concise and compelling descriptions of your work experience and accomplishments. By providing relevant details and quantifiable achievements, you can effectively demonstrate your value to potential employers. Additionally, ChatGPT can suggest action verbs and buzzwords to make your resume more dynamic and engaging.

Resume Tip#2: Use the grammar and spell check from Microsoft Word while you are writing your resume - its important to use as many options as possible.

4) Formatting and Design:

While ChatGPT excels in generating content, it's essential to use a separate tool or template for formatting and design. Once you've generated the text for your resume, you can transfer it to a word processor or resume builder to ensure professional formatting and layout.

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Using ChatGPT for Cover Letter Writing:

1) Personalizing Your Introduction:

Your cover letter serves as a personalized introduction to your resume, allowing you to expand on specific experiences and qualifications. ChatGPT can help you craft a compelling opening paragraph that grabs the reader's attention and establishes your interest in the position.

Resume Tip#3: Not sure where to write your resume? Google Docs or Apple Pages are free word processing apps that are easy to navigate.

2) Highlighting Relevant Skills and Experience:

Just like with your resume, ChatGPT can assist you in highlighting relevant skills and experience in your cover letter. By referencing specific examples and tying them back to the job requirements, you can demonstrate your suitability for the role and pique the employer's interest.

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3) Demonstrating Your Fit with the Company Culture:

In addition to showcasing your qualifications, your cover letter is an opportunity to demonstrate your fit with the company culture. ChatGPT can help you research the company and incorporate key values and initiatives into your cover letter, showing that you've done your homework and are genuinely interested in the organization.

4) Closing Strong:

ChatGPT can provide suggestions for a strong closing paragraph that reiterates your enthusiasm for the position and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to apply. A well-crafted closing leaves a lasting impression and sets the stage for future communication.

Your Resume and Why You Should Avoid ChatGPT Plagiarism:

While ChatGPT can assist you in generating content for your resume and cover letter, it's crucial to avoid plagiarism at all costs. Using someone else's work without proper attribution not only violates ethical standards but can also have serious consequences for your job prospects. Many employers use plagiarism detection software to screen applicants' documents, and if your resume or cover letter is flagged for plagiarism, it could result in immediate rejection.

The Art of Resume | Student Plagiarizing Resume

Moreover, plagiarized content lacks authenticity and originality, two qualities that are highly valued in the job market. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who can think critically, communicate effectively, and bring a unique perspective to the table. By relying on ChatGPT to generate original content, you demonstrate your ability to leverage technology creatively while maintaining integrity and professionalism.

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ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Your Resume

To begin, you need to start collecting information. Start a list. 

1) The bulk of your resume:

Gather all of your work history, previous work experience, achievements, awards, certifications, licenses, volunteer work, educational background, and anything that belongs on your resume.

2) Add dates and include the month when possible.

3) Limit Your History:

Unless you have an executive format, keep your resume information within the past 10 years (unless relevant). The majority of your information should be in your most recent work.

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4) Hard and soft skills:

Focus on your hard skills primarily. ChatGPT can suggest soft skills. Hard skills are technical or are learned through education and hands-on experience. These skills are tangible, concrete, and can be often measured. They can be acknowledged through certifications, completed work, assessment tests, or on a portfolio. Soft skills are considered "people" skills like your character, interpersonal skills, or your professional demeanor. Skills like time management, communication, empathy, and professionalism, are all soft skill examples.

Remember to NOT add personal data into ChatGPT as it may not be secure. Fill out your personal information in the resume template only.

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Writing a Prompt (Examples)

Now that you have your bulk resume information all together, you can add a prompt with your resume.

A few handy tips when asking ChatGPT

TIP #1

You must write clear and specific prompts - detail can provide a closer match to what your resume needs.

TIP #2

Refine and reiterate your questions. Your first question may not work out but you can use this as a starting point to obtain the perfect resume write-up.

TIP #3

Curate your resume not just for the job position but also for the company. Grab information from the company website and add it into your prompt.

A good resume writing prompt example:

ChatGPT Resume Prompt 1:

Write a standard reversible chronological resume limited to one page with the following information: 


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ChatGPT Resume Prompt 2:

Write a standard resume limited to one page with the following information to create compelling accomplishment statements: 


ChatGPT Resume Work History Prompt 3:

Rewrite my resume using accomplishment statements with one-sentence bullet points under each position. Add keywords from the job listing.



ChatGPT Resume Summary Prompt 4:

Create a 3-5 sentence resume summary with the information below:



ChatGPT Resume Bullet Points Prompt 5:

Improve the resume below by simplifying and adding strong action verbs to each bullet. Make sure each bullet is one sentence in length. 


The Art of Resume | ChatGPT Resume

ChatGPT Resume Curated Prompt 6:

Tailor the below resume to the job description below:



ChatGPT Resume Prompt 7:

Tailor the below resume to the job description below. Use keywords from the job listing. Make sure it is clear and simple to read:



The Art of Resume | Finishing Resume at Desk

ChatGPT Cover Letter Prompt 8:

Create a cover letter (one page) with the following resume that is simple and tailored to match the job description below. 



These prompts are examples of what you can write, if you would like to further curate, it is good to break your resume down into sections to curate the wording so ChatGPT does not get confused. Remember, do not copy and paste ChatGTP but rather grab ideas about wording, formatting, and organization.

The Art of Resume | Purple Resume Template Design

ChatGPT and Writing Your Resume Conclusion:

You got this. Crafting a compelling resume and cover letter is a new and exciting form of technology when it comes to applying for your dream job.

With the assistance of ChatGPT, you can streamline the writing process, customize your resume templates for each application, and stand out from the competition. By harnessing the power of natural language processing, you can create professional and tailored documents that grab the attention of hiring managers and increase your chances of success in the job market.

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